Hermès … Une histoire au-delà du Birkin et du Kelly

Hermès Spirit… A story beyond Birkin and Kelly

Since 1837, when Thierry Hermès, a master saddler, opened his first shop In Paris, Hermès Group remains undoubtedly true to its legacy, although it is widely Internationalized nowadays.

More than a brand that has created a real revolution in the fashion world, Hermès is a recognized symbol for its affinity with the horse-riding community, through its iconic H on locks, scarves, jewelry and much more.

l'esprit hermes

« Les Merveilles de Babellou » opens the doors to this "Hermès spirit" represented so beautifully by vintage luxury "à la Française".  

The logo representing a carriage, designed and implemented in the 1950s, reminds of the origins of Maison Hermès as a saddler and harness-maker company. 

The horses and their accessories are represented in many ways and forms, such as bits, straps, and other tacks.

First, a little bit of history…

thierry hermes

At the World's Fair held in Paris in 1867, Thierry Hermès' craftsmanship was rewarded, and his products became Iconic In the world of luxury. Many prestigious clients contributed to his fame.

His descendants went back to the company; his grandsons, Emile and Adolphe Maurice, decide to give It a new boost by developing and exporting Its products.

The company Is like Its famous scarves: it never stopped regenerating.

The famous « carré Hermès », this iconic 35" x 35" piece, was re-Invented by many artists ever since Its creation in 1937, with more than 2500 original drawings printed on silk. Hermès keeps evolving with 25 new drawings each season.

We offer you, in our stores and on line, a vast series of timeless scarves, cashmere and silk stoles, and sarongs.

carré hermes

Hermès spirit is almost sanctuarzied by many symbols, such as the Iconic anchor chain that Inspired Robert Dumas in 1938 for his jewelry creations. 

Next to the equestrian world, nautical sports and marine fittings become a major Inspiration theme, from ropes to pullies, from shackles to chains.

Although Hermès brand has its roots in a saddles and harness manufacture, It never stopped to expand and to assert Its modernity, capturing many other symbols representing travel, games, and many more fields.

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