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4 Good Reasons to Switch to Vintage Shopping without Feeling Guilty!

You love love love fashion, luxury, shopping… in short, you like to indulge yourself and you are right!

BUT: filling up our closet with clothing, shoes and jewelry without thinking of our planet, without considering the ecological and human impact becomes more and more difficult… 

So, instead of stopping buying, why not go checkout luxury vintage?

Not convinced yet?

Here are 4 excellent reasons to buy vintage:

1.  Revitalize items that were sleeping in a closet in order to reduce waste incineration that creates huge CO2. Second hand buying is trying to slow down our waste production.

Not bad, right ?

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2. Slowing down our « Fast Fashion » use and opt for “Slow Fashion”.  

Once again, when you buy vintage, you help reduce mass production of clothing that generates huge amounts of water, electricity and raw materials….which means less CO2!

Are you beginning to be convinced ?

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3. Demand quality!

Sometimes, buying a vintage piece can be… not exactly cheap. But remember, it represents hours of work and most of the time offers a top quality that is so difficult to find nowadays… 

Trust us, you will keep your purchase for a long time (Unless of course you try to play “Blind Man’s Bluff” with a 1930s dress made of guipure and hand embroideries).

4. It also helps fighting modern slavery…

Unfortunately, buying certain brands contribute to maintain terrible working conditions violating human rights. When you buy vintage, when you boycott those brands and opt for ethical companies, you help to fight injustice at your personal scale.

So, by now, are you completely convinced to buy vintage?

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