For centuries now, Paris has been the luxury and fashion Capital of the world.  Each year, millions of tourists visit the City of Lights. A major representative of the good taste « A la Française », Isabelle Klein opened her first shop  in 2008 at Marché Paul Bert de Saint-Ouen, the famed LES PUCES DE PARIS at the outskirts of the city. The boutique « Les Merveilles de Babellou » was born.

Within a few years, «  Les Merveilles de Babellou » has become a key reference for French elegance. Haute couture and fashion pieces are gracefully displayed in her bijou stores. Her selection, sometimes bold, is always stunning. The most famous brands like Chanel, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton are mixed with many other brands, with an inventory which spans from the 1920s to the present days.

Babellou was Isabelle Klein‘s nickname as a little girl. She decided to use it for her store. As a result of her passion for old fashion and antiques, she beautifully recreated the atmosphere of  yesteryear shops. The magic was there, and Babellou was so successful that she opened a second store in June of 2010.

Many celebrities, Haute Couture stylists and fashionistas can be seen in Babellou‘s stores. Overtime she became a key player in Parisian fashion trends. Today she opens an online shop to meet the increasing demand from foreign customers. Vintage haute couture is now available to the nostalgic buyers of eternal beauty. A fascinating world to be discovered!