Exhibition Serge Eric Woloch, « Rose – Ombre Portée»

For the first edition of the Festival of the Flea Market, which will address the theme of the cinema, Isabelle Klein, with her  “femmes fatales” will welcome you and open the doors of her wonderful shop… Lights ! In the spotlights of Isabelle, Serge Eric Woloch will expose his last collection “Rose – Ombre Portée“. Great Prize of the Applied Arts of the city of Paris in 1983, Woloch was, during 25 years one of the most important jewelry manufacturer of the fashion house Chanel. He also collaborated to the creation of jewelry collection of major Couture brands such as Dior, Valentino, Mugler, Christian Lacroix, Lowe… Camera… With Woloch as leading role, Isabelle will gather no less than 20 people, models, hairdresser, make up artist, costume makers, decorator, cook, waiters, and assistants; the whole event being orchestrated by Isabelle and François to create a fabulous evening… And Action!